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Laboratory Equipment

Explore our Laboratory Equipment:

Biochrom logo


Biochrom is a leading manufacturer of quality scientific instruments, such as Spectrophotometers, Microplate Readers and Microplate Washers

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Biodrop offers innovative products for micro-volume measurement of nucleic acids and proteins. Platforms include Biodrop uLite, Duo, Cuvette and Touch

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Lonza Equipment

Lonza offers laboratory equipment for Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis and for Transfection. Systems include the FlashGel and Nucleofector devices.

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MTC Bio offers life science laboratories with cost effective products and solutions designed to improve laboratory efficiency, safety and results.

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SPT Labtech

SPT Labtech creates innovative instrumentation for process efficiencies in sample management, liquid handling and multiplexed cell-based, and immunoassay screening applications.

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Accuris Instruments

Accuris Instruments specialises in laboratory balances including compact, precision, analytical balances. Blue light and UV transilluminators, as well as unique imaging products for smart phones

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ProteinSimple provides protein analysis tools to help researchers gain a better understanding of proteins and their role in disease.

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Benchmark Scientific

Benchmark Scientific provides benchtop equipment such as Centrifuges, Autoclaves, Sterilizers, Homogenizers, Electrophoresis Equipment, Shakers, Mixers, Rockers and Temp Control Equipment

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HTL Pipettes

HTL Pipettes are renowned for their outstanding accuracy and precision rates. Single and multichannel versions, starter packs and pipette controllers.

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