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COVID-19 Essentials

Explore our COVID-19 Essentials:

Sample Collection

Collection and storage of COVID-19 samples. Nasopharyngeal & oropharyngeal swabs, saliva-based collection kits, macrotubes, centrifuge tubes, containers

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Ancillary Equipment

Benchtop equipment for COVID-19 applications. Centrifuges, Microcentrifuges, Thermal Cycler, Vortexers and Shakers

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Contamination Control

Contamination control solutions for COVID-19 applications. Protect and disinfect with UV Sanitizers, surface decontaminants, biohazard bags

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Extraction – Manual

Extraction technologies to support in quickly establishing pathogen detection workflows to curtail the escalating spread of COVID-19. High Throughput Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction

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Extraction – Automated

Automated nucleic acid extraction platforms. Providing you with a walk-away solution and effort-saving approach for processing multiple samples at the same time.

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Liquid Handling

Liquid Handling solutions for COVID-19 applications. Pipettes and pipettors, broad range of pipette filter tips. Improve the efficiency of your liquid handling processes with Automated liquid handling.

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Sample Storage

Preserve, store and protect COVID-19 samples. Sample preservation and storage solutions. Cryogenic Vials.

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Molecular Assays

Tools for diagnosis and detection of COVID-19. CDC approved primers, probes and controls, RT-qPCR mastermix. Amplicon SARS-Cov-2 research panel

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