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Posted on the August 30, 2016 under QIAGEN

QIAGEN RNA Discovery Solutions

QIAGEN RNA BrochureReliable results in end-point RT-PCR, real-time RT-PCR, microarray and next-generation sequencing analysis depend strongly on the quality of the RNA sample used. To ensure success in your experiments, QIAGEN provides a comprehensive range of RNA sample technologies that deliver high-quality RNA from biological samples.

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Innovative advancements in the QuantiNova product range offering cutting-edge solutions for real-time PCR, minimizing experimental errors and artefacts. Array and NGS-based technologies allow researchers to gain more insight into individual samples using either a disease or pathway specific approach. Let us aid you in finding the best approach to generate relevant, actionable findings.

Qiagen RNA Workflow Solutions

  • Sample collection and stabilization
  • RNA extraction and purification
  • Pre-amplification for single cell analysis/limited sample amounts
  • End-point RT-PCR solutions
  • QuantiNova real-time PCR assay kits
  • Targeted arrays and panels
  • Geneglobe
  • Automation solutions for RNA analysis

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