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Posted on the July 30, 2020 under New

Positive Displacement Pipette

Repetitive Dispenser - Positive Displacement Pipette

Repetitive Dispenser – Positive Displacement Pipette

Revolutionize repetitive pipetting work with the HTL MINILAB 201 Repetitive Dispenser. Its positive displacement principle guarantees superior accuracy and precision of the dispenser, no matter how dense or viscid substances are dispensed. Its precise stepping mechanism ensures repeatability of dispensed doses.

  • Lightweight – 100 g
  • Maintenance free
  • Ideal for viscous solutions
  • Compatible with most syringes available on the market
  • Supplied with adapter for 50 ml syringes


Cat # Description
0020-HTL Repetitive Positive Displacement Pipette, MINILAB 201, with adapter for 50ml syringes QUOTE ME!


Repetitive Dispenser Syringe Adapter

Repetitive Dispenser Syringe AdapterRepetitive Dispenser Syringe Adapter for the MINILAB 201 Positive Displacement Pipette

Cat # Description
5709-HTL Repetitive Dispenser Syringe Adapter, 50ml QUOTE ME!
5710-HTL Repetitive Dispenser Syringe Adapter, 25ml QUOTE ME!


Syringes for Repetitive Positive Displacement Pipettes

Syringes for Repetitive Positive Displacement PipettesRepetitive Dispenser Syringes are available in eight sizes. Disposable, pure polypropylene syringes from 0,05 mL to 50 mL. Each syringe is marked to indicate the total capacity and the repetitive volumes it can dispense. HTL syringes provide most accurate pipetting when used with the MINILAB 201 dispenser. Syringes are compatible with other brands of repetitive dispensers.

Cat # Description
5701-HTL Repetitive Dispenser Syringes, 0.05ml, non-sterile QUOTE ME!
5702-HTL Repetitive Dispenser Syringes, 0.50ml, non-sterile QUOTE ME!
5703-HTL Repetitive Dispenser Syringes, 1.25ml, non-sterile QUOTE ME!
5704-HTL Repetitive Dispenser Syringes, 2.5ml, non-sterile QUOTE ME!
5705-HTL Repetitive Dispenser Syringes, 5.0ml, non-sterile QUOTE ME!
5706-HTL Repetitive Dispenser Syringes, 12.5ml, non-sterile QUOTE ME!
5707-HTL Repetitive Dispenser Syringes, 25.0ml, non-sterile QUOTE ME!
5708-HTL Repetitive Dispenser Syringes, 50.0ml, non-sterile QUOTE ME!
5752-HTL Repetitive Dispenser Syringes, 0.50ml, sterile QUOTE ME!
5753-HTL Repetitive Dispenser Syringes, 1.25ml, sterile QUOTE ME!
5754-HTL Repetitive Dispenser Syringes, 2.5ml, sterile QUOTE ME!
5755-HTL Repetitive Dispenser Syringes, 5.0ml, sterile QUOTE ME!
5756-HTL Repetitive Dispenser Syringes, 12.5ml, sterile QUOTE ME!
5757-HTL Repetitive Dispenser Syringes, 25.0ml, sterile QUOTE ME!
5758-HTL Repetitive Dispenser Syringes, 50.0ml, sterile QUOTE ME!