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Posted on the February 21, 2019 under New

NEW! CO₂ Incubators

With the unique and proprietary heat distribution technology, the Benchmark ST Series of CO₂ incubators provide the highest levels of temperature accuracy with minimal fluctuation (within 0.1°C).

  • Precision temperature control with 6-sided heating
  • Heated door and door frame prevent condensation
  • Dual beam IR sensor for accurate control over CO₂
  • Available in “PLUS” configuration with
    – Digital humidity control
    – High heat decontamination
    – Split inner door

Offer End: 31 August 2019

Cat # Description
H3550-45-E ST-45 CO₂ Incubator (45 Litre) QUOTE ME!
H3551-45P-E ST-45 PLUS CO₂ Incubator (45 Litre) QUOTE ME!
H3550-180-E ST-180 CO₂ Incubator (180 Litre) QUOTE ME!
H3551-180P-E ST-180 PLUS CO₂ Incubator (180 Litre) QUOTE ME!