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Posted on the January 26, 2018 under Featured

Need Filter Tips?

Aerosol Barrier Tips

  • 100% security against aerosols and liquid contamination
  • Manufactured in highest quality standard
  • Universal tip fit
  • Extended length to prevent contamination
Cat # Max Capacity
2139 10μl QUOTE ME!
2149E 10μl QUOTE ME!
2140 10μl extended length QUOTE ME!
2149P 20μl QUOTE ME!
2065E 100μl QUOTE ME!
2069 200μl QUOTE ME!
2070 300μl QUOTE ME!
2279 1000μl QUOTE ME!
2079 1000μl extended length QUOTE ME!


 Premium Range 

  • ALWAYS in stock
  • Great prices
  • Universal tip fit
  • Time saving – no prepacking required
  • Multi-channel layout (12×8)
  • Sterile, 10 x 96 tip racks
Cat # Max Capacity
TF102-10 10μl (extra long) QUOTE ME!
TF104-10 10μl QUOTE ME!
TF113-20 20μl QUOTE ME!
TF113-100 100μl QUOTE ME!
TF140-200 200μl QUOTE ME!
TF112-1000 1000μl QUOTE ME!
F122-R96S-1250 1250μl QUOTE ME!


Value Range

  • Certified RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen Free
  • Universal tip fit
  • Racked and sterile
  • 10 x 96 tips
Cat # Max Capacity
NFT0010-R-NS 10μl QUOTE ME!
NFT0020-R-NS 20μl QUOTE ME!
NFT0200-R-NS 200μl QUOTE ME!
NFT1000-R-NS 1000μl QUOTE ME!