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Posted on the October 9, 2020 under Promotions

LONZA Clearance Sale!

LONZA Clearance Sale

30% OFF Recently expired/close to expiry stock


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Classical Media

Minimum Essential Media – Eagle (MEM Eagle) (E-MEM)

Cat# Size Description Expiry
BE12-614F 500 mL Without L-glutamine, with Sodium Pyruvate, with 4.5 g/L Glucose 09/10/2020 QUOTE ME!
BE12-604F 500 mL With Sodium Pyruvate, with 4.5 g/L Glucose 30/10/2020 QUOTE ME!

Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle’s Media (DMEM)

Cat# Size Description Expiry
BE12-611F 500 mL With L-glutamine, with EBSS 14/11/2020 OR 19/11/2020 OR 03/12/2020 QUOTE ME!
BE12-136Q 1L With HEPES, with EBSS 16/10/2020 QUOTE ME!

RPMI 1640

Cat# Size Description Expiry
BE12-167F 500 mL Without L-glutamine 23/10/2020 QUOTE ME!
BE12-918F 500 mL Without Phenol Red 13/11/2020 QUOTE ME!
12-115Q 1L With HEPES, with L-Glutamine 25/09/2020 QUOTE ME!

Ham’s F-12 Medium

Cat# Size Description Expiry
BE12-615F 500 mL With L-glutamine 08/10/2020 QUOTE ME!

McCoy’s 5A Medium

Cat# Size Description Expiry
BE12-168F 500 mL With L-glutamine and HEPES, Designed for human lymphocyte culture 18/10/2020 QUOTE ME!


Tissue Culture Reagents

Water for Cell Culture Use

Cat# Size Description Expiry
BE17-724F 500 mL Bottle of water for cell culture use 19/10/2020 QUOTE ME!


Cat# Size Description Expiry
BE13-114E 100 mL MEM Eagle non-essential amino acid solution, 10 mM (100X) 30/11/2020 OR 14/12/2020 QUOTE ME!


Cat# Size Description Expiry
BE17-737E 100 mL HEPES buffer (1M) 05/11/2020 OR 26/11/2020 QUOTE ME!

Cell Harvesting Reagents

Cat# Size Description Expiry
BE17-160E 100 mL Trypsin 1:250 (10X) 2.5% in Hanks’ BSS without calcium or magnesium 07/12/2020 QUOTE ME!


Serum Free Media

Cat# Size Description Expiry
BE12-730F 500 mL Insect-XPRESS Protein-free Insect Cell Medium with L-Glutamine 05/10/2020 QUOTE ME!



DNA Loading Buffer (6X)

Cat# Size Description Expiry
50655 5 × 1 mL DNA Loading Buffer (6X) 17/07/2020 QUOTE ME!