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Posted on the July 1, 2021 under Promotions

FREE Omega Bio-tek kits for your training lab

FREE Omega-Biotek kits for your training lab
The development of the next generation of scientists is important to us. COVID-19 affected the typical utilization of kits and we now have a broad range of expired nucleic acid extraction kits* that could find a use in your lab (at no cost to you). Send us a note on how you could utilize these kits in your lab and we will let you know how we can assist.


If you are using something else right now, have a look at the cross-guide to find the Omega equivalent.

* Whilst stocks last. Please note these kits are expired and performance cannot be guaranteed. We recommend that labs evaluate a few extractions first before using in trainings.

Psst: if you are looking for affordable kits for your research,
you might just be surprised at the quality and affordability of our kits.