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Posted on the July 30, 2020 under New

Fixed Volume Pipette

HTL CLINIPET+ fixed volume pipettes for excellent accuracy and precision combined with highly durable, UV resistant and fully autoclavable body.

  • Contoured shape of the handle, equipped with a finger-hook guarantee correct grip reducing wrist strain and fatigue
  • Unique sliding tip ejector button reduces tip ejection forces
  • Low pipette weight and soft springs system provides comfort at work, even during long pipetting series
  • Easy removable tip ejector allows working with narrow tubes
  • Reliable sealing system ensures reliability of results
  • Built-in user-recalibration system allows matching of the pipette for your specific application
Cat # Description
2234-CP-HTL 100μl Fixed Volume Pipette QUOTE ME!
2254-CP-HTL 500μl Fixed Volume Pipette QUOTE ME!
2266-CP-HTL 1000μl Fixed Volume Pipette QUOTE ME!