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Tocriscreen Antiviral Compound Library

Unlock The Secrets of Virus-Host Interactions

Tocriscreen Antiviral Compound Library
An Antiviral compound library composed of 240 compounds (100 μL 10 mM DMSO). Contains a diverse collection of compounds to investigate the entire viral lifecyle as well as cytokine storm. Suitable for high throughput screening, high content screening, chemical biology applications and drug repurposing studies. Includes high-interest compounds such as remdesivir (Cat. No. 7226) as well as innovative products like MPro N3 (Cat. No. 7230).

Key Format and Product Details

  • 96-well racks with Matrix storage tubes & SepraSeal caps
  • Pre-dissolved in DMSO
  • Exceptional purity
  • Many compounds are exclusive to Tocris
  • Full chemical and biological data available
  • Proven solubility, biological activity and stability in DMSO


Distribution of compounds for cytokine storm (48%), viral replication (24%), drug repurposing (23%) and viral cell entry (5%) from the Tocriscreen Antiviral Compound Library.