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Vaccine Cold Storage Solutions

Cold Storage - Vaccine Storage Solutions
Selecting the right refrigerator or freezer is critical for successful vaccine storage. Thermo Scientific laboratory refrigerators and freezers are designed to protect your temperature-sensitive vaccines.

You shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to storing vaccines – which is why we provide high-performance purpose built refrigerators, freezers, and ultra low freezers that are designed to meet current and impending standards from the CDC, WHO, NSF and other global agencies for vaccine storage.

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Refrigerators – temperature range 2 to 8°C

Freezers – temperature range -20/-30/-40°C

Ultra-low freezers – temperature range -80°C

  • TDE Series Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers
  • Premium (TSX) ultra-low freezers
  • Available in four sizes
  • Choose a ULT freezer >

Ultimate protection for the most sensitive samples
A vaccine is only as good as the solution used to store it, as many require highly specific temperatures to remain effective. Any deviation from this can have a dramatic impact on a vaccine’s viability and, at worse, render it useless. The WHO estimates that more than 50 percent of vaccines may be wasted globally every year due to temperature control, logistics and shipment-related issues. For our part, Thermo Fisher Scientific strives to provide hospitals, doctor’s offices and pharmacies with the tools they need to deliver every vaccine at full strength and efficacy – and that starts with the right cold storage.

Cold Storage for safe and secure vaccine storage
Thermo Scientific cold storage products are designed and built to support the temperature requirements of pharmaceuticals and vaccine manufacturing, distribution, and storage worldwide

Our products are designed to deliver safe and reliable vaccine storage while supporting accreditation and quality management standards.