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Maelstrom 8 Autostage


Maelstrom 8 Autostage

  • In stock, demo available
  • Portable 8-channel magnetic bead handler
  • Ergonomic design, intuitive interface, simple operation
  • Fully automated with specialized mixing approach
  • Handles up to 8 samples per run
  • Light and easy to move, with size in 31 x 19 x 31 cm
  • FDA and CE approved
  • Download the Brochure>

Maelstrom 8-channel Handler, the world’s first portable magnetic beads handling device, is designed to bring productivity to the laboratory. Equipped with specialized spin tips and 2500 gauss magnetic rods, Maelstrom 8 can mix and collect magnetic beads efficiently. The intuitive user interface and simple operation can help you accomplish various applications of magnetic beads. Combined with automated stand, provides a walk-away solution for nucleic acid extraction.

Fully Automated

  • Eliminate human errors , ensure quality consistency
  • An open system for a broad range of magnetic bead-based reagent kits

Patented Whirl Stirring Mixing Technology

  • Processing volume up to 1,500 µl
  • Spin tips stir magnetic beads at speeds up to 3000 rpm

Easy Operation

  • Intuitive user interface and easy menu navigation
  • Data exchange via USB connected with laptop
  • A portable device that can be used from lab to field

Time Saving

  • 2,500 gauss magnetic rods efficiently collect magnetic beads
  • Automation of complicated manual steps