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DuoSet ELISA Development Systems

Measuring Cytokines?

Don’t Sacrifice on Quality30508

New cost effective ELISA solutions from the world leader in immunoassay

DuoSet ELISA Development Systems contain the basic components required to develop a sandwich immunoassay for accurately measuring analytes in biological fluids.

DuoSets offer a cost-effective solution for performing multiple ELISAs!

  • Contain carefully selected and validated antibodies, reducing development time
  • Includes mass-calibrated recombinant standard, reducing assay variability
  • Can be adapted for use across multiple platforms
  • Provides biotinylated detection antibodies and streptavidin-HRP, enabling chemiluminescent or colorimetric detection
  • Over 750 DuoSet ELISA Development Systems with analytes supporting a range of biological processes

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