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qScript cDNA SuperMix

Superior cDNA synthesis in a Single Step

  • Stabilized 5X concentrated master mix minimizes pipetting to significantly improve assay accuracy
  • Sensitive first-strand cDNA synthesis of RNA sequences ≤1kb for quantitative and conventional two-step RT-PCR
  • Broad linear dynamic detection range with limiting (10pg) or plentiful (4ug) samples of total RNA
  • Pre-blended with ribonuclease inhibitor protein (RIP) to prevent RNA template degradation during incubation and a proprietary blend of random and oligo(dT) primers, optimized to deliver unbiased representation of 5’ and 3’ sequences
Cat# Description Size
95048-025 qScript cDNA SuperMix – 25 R 25 rxns QUOTE ME
95048-100 qScript cDNA SuperMix – 100 R 100 rxns QUOTE ME
95048-500 qScript cDNA SuperMix – 500 R 500 rxns QUOTE ME