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Animal and Veterinary Testing

Animal and Veterinary Testing – partner with us to secure animal healthQIAGEN - Animal Testing2-01

Preventing the spread of pathogens within livestock, and from livestock to humans is essential for ensuring both animal and human welfare. QIAGEN provides complete solutions for molecular and serological veterinary testing, as well as animal pathogen research – from sample to insight. QIAGEN products help you to reliably identify poultry and livestock diseases to protect human and animal health, the environment and the food chain.

New animal and veterinary portfolio:

  • Sample extraction kits and reagents for a more efficient purification of viral RNA and DNA and bacterial DNA from a broad variety of animal sample types
  • Instruments for high and low throughput testing
  • A broad range of pathogen-specific, ready-to-use PCR assays
  • An extensive ELISA portfolio

Click here to view the new animal and veterinary portfolio testing brochure.

Animal and veterinary testing solutions