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Centrifuge Tubes

NEST Centrifuge TubesNEST - Centrifuge tubes-01

NEST standard centrifuge tubes are available in racks or bags, in 15ml and 50ml sizes. The thin clear polypropylene walls and can withstand 8000xG and 12000xG respectively.

NEST self-standing centrifuge tubes are supplied in 50ml size and can withstand 6000xG. These tubes are “v” bottom and skirted to allow the tube to stand on a bench.

  • Printed Graduations (with marking area)
  • High centrifugal strength
  • Flat markable cap with leak-proof seal
  • One-hand operation design for the caps provides easy handling
  • Clear lot number for batch traceability
  • High clarity, 100% virgin polypropylene tube and polyethylene cap
  • Sterilized by E-Beam
  • Non-Pyrogenic, DNase/RNase FREE

Bulk in bags:

Cat# Description Pack size
601002 15ml Centrifuge Tubes bulk, sterile, bags of 50 x 10 500 Quote me
602002 50ml Centrifuge Tubes bulk, sterile, bags of 25 x 20 500 Quote me


Cat# Description Pack size
601001 15ml Centrifuge tubes in PS racks of 50 x 10, sterile 500 Quote me
602001 50ml Centrifuge tubes in PS racks of 25 x 20, sterile 500 Quote me

Self standing:

Cat# Description Pack size
602072 50ml Centrifuge tubes, sterile, resealable bags of 25 x 20 500 Quote me