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Microtube Rack – Two racks in one!

Microtube Rack – Two racks in one!MBP reversible microtube rack with lid1-01

Reversible microtube rack with lid

  • Save space and money
  • Unique 96-well rack, 2 sides:
    • 0.2ml PCR tubes
    • 0.5ml microcentrifuge or PCR tubes
  • Both sides feature a moulded alphanumeric grid in standard microtitre format to simplify identification.
  • Specifically designed for researches performing PCR
Colour Cat #
Green 8620-11 Quote me
Blue 8630-11 Quote me
Purple 8640 Quote me
Yellow 8650 Quote me
Fluorescent Pink 8660 Quote me
Fluorescent Orange 8670 Quote me
Fluorescent Green 8680 Quote me
Red 8690-11 Quote me