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ART REACH extended length tips

The Perfect Fit for Library PrepCertified PURE

MBP Aerosol Barrier Tips offer 100% guaranteed protection against aerosol and liquid contamination of your pipette.

200µL Extended Length Tip:

  • Universal tip fit for most pipette brands
  • Extended length for hard to reach places (tip length 91.2mm)MBP - Extended tip-01
  • Extended tip length prevents contamination by keeping the pipette shaft from entering the sample vessel
  • Can aspirate a full 200µL
  • Racked, sterile, 96 tips/tray
  • 100% protection against carryover contamination

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The unique family of REACH pipette tips provides an extra level of contamination control. By significantly extending the length of the pipette tip, you may “reach” to the bottom of 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2 ml, 15 ml, 50 ml and many other styles of culture tubes without fear of your pipette coming in contact with the inside of your sample vessel.

In conjunction the patented ART filter, you are assured of the best possible protection against carryover contamination. The one-of-a kind REACH pipette tips add a layer of security in protecting both sample and pipette by preventing the pipette’s shaft from touching the inside of the sample vessel, thus virtually eliminating the chance of carryover contamination, and the need to clean or replace pipettes.

ART tips are pure, certified free of  RNase, DNase, ATP and pyrogens by independent laboratories.