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DNeasy PowerBiofilm Kit

DNeasy PowerBiofilm Kit

For the isolation of high-quality, pure DNA from biofilm samples

  • Novel lysis method combines pre-treatment, mechanical and chemical lysis ensuring high DNA yields from the toughest biofilm samples
  • Inhibitor Removal Technology eliminates PCR inhibitors including humic acids, metals, salts and pesticides, for DNA that is ready to use in PCR, qPCR, Sanger sequencing and NGS
  • Optimized for challenging biofilms to isolate pure DNA from all biofilms, including dental plaques and microbial mats

The DNeasy PowerBiofilm Kit has been specifically designed to overcome inefficient cell lysis in challenging biofilms. The key to the success of this lysis method is a novel bead tube formulation that combines chemical and mechanical lysis in tough tubes. We’ve paired this with our Inhibitor Removal Technology to remove the concentrated inhibitors (such as humic acid, metals, salts and pesticides) typically present in biofilms. The result is increased yields of inhibitor-free DNA from all types of biofilms, including microbial mats.

DNeasy PowerBiofilm Kit was formally sold by MO BIO as PowerBiofilm DNA Isolation Kit.