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New range of 6.00ml Storage Tubes

New 6ml storage tubesMicronic introduces a NEW high volume Cryo tube with a gross volume of 6.00ml.

This new screwcap storage tube has been designed for storing larger solid or liquid biological material.

Key features:

  • High capacity net volume 4.60ml (at -20°C)New 6ml storage tubes racked
  • Wide tube opening for easy access and retrieval of your sample
  • Unique Laser etched 2D Data-Matrix on the bottom of the tube
  • Special screwcap design with silicon O-ring

The 6.00ml storage tubes have a net volume of 4.60ml and are ideal for use in a wide variety of (long term) storage applications, including storage of samples in cryogenic environment (vapour phase liquid nitrogen). The inner flat bottom New 6ml storage tubeof the tube is ideal for the storage of f.i. tissue at ultra low (cryogenic) temperatures.

Like all Micronic screwcap tubes the 6.00m tubes have a 2D Data-Matrix code laser etched into the tube bottom.

The new developed screwcap for the 6.00ml tubes features a silicone O-ring that provides a optimised sealing. When the tube is fully closed the O-ring positions itself inside the tube. Designed for special circumstances like high pressure inside the tube the O-ring will remain in its position. The screwcap can be closed with a ‘single turn’ to ease opening and closure during manual processing.

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