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NEW 2.00ml storage tube

Higher sample storage capacity and absolute sample traceability!

Micronic’s new 2.00ml storage tube uniquely combines higher sample storage capacity and absolute sample traceability in an industry-standard 96-tube rack format (SBS footprint).

Key features:

  • Massive gross volume: 1.90ml
  • Sterile, gamma radiated
  • Precapped with TPE caps or Screw caps
  • Snap tubes: tubes are locked into the wells of the rack to prevent sample loss from overturned racks
  • 2D Data-Matrix or Alphanumeric coded
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +140°C
  • Large volume storage
  • Automation friendly
  • Resists high chemical solvents Micronic 2ml storage tube
  • Class 7 clean-room production
  • RNase/DNase and Pyrogene free

High integrity storage and ease of handling of each sample is critical. The new Micronic 2.00ml storage tube uses an alphanumeric or unique 2D Data-Matrix code laser encrypted on the tube bottom to enable easy identification and traceable storage of samples.

Enhance productivity by loading with standard 8- or 12-channel pipettes, and enable simple integration with automated liquid handling platforms. For easy retrieval of full samples, 200µl tips extended length are most suitable.

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