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Laboratory Sample Management System

Laboratory Sample Management System: Track-IT Software

Track-IT is a new Laboratory Sample Management System (LSMS) that allows you to organise and track individual samples in your library. The database is fully customisable to match the workflow of  your laboratory, as well as to match the unique aspects of each of your samples.

Features and benefits

  • Central information databaseTrack-IT home screen
  • Quick information retrieval
  • Alerts system
  • Cross-database searches
  • Uniform data presentation
  • Perpetuation of information & Traceability
  • Data reports export (screen and MS-Excel)
  • Automatic data imports
  • Versatile administration
  • Upgradable
  • One licence per database covers all lab users

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The main concept behind Track-IT is that each scientist in the lab can manage data and information quickly and make it available to the rest of the lab community. Via Intranet support, data can be accessed from any connected computer in the lab, which accelerates information retrieval. Laboratory staff in turn spend less time on recurrent and time-consuming operations and dedicate more precious time to research activity.