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Micronic – traceable sample storage solutions


Micronic offers a wide range of traceable 2D coded sample storage solutions to safeguard your precious samples.

Providing traceable sample storage solutions for almost any storage application!

Key features:

  • Complete Traceability
  • Laser etched 2D codings: The unique laser encryption code cannot be abraded, fall or be wiped off from the tube
  • Intuitive and precise tube code reading
  • Seamless integration into any laboratory sample database
  • Optimising valuable freezer space
  • Store your samples over long periods of time without loss of sample integrity
  • Efficient retrieval of samples
  • Colour caps for effective means of visually differentiating stored samples

Safeguard your precious samples!

Consistent high quality tubes, proven high integrity sealing performance and reliable delivery of stock.

Micronic tubes

Micronic strives to safeguard your samples, the most valuable asset your laboratory houses.

    • Cleanroom production: Class 7  10.000
    • RNase, DNase and endotoxin (pyrogen) free
    • F.D.A. approved
    • Sterilization (ISO 11137)
    • Storage: 10 year shelf life

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Quick and easy process to safeguard your precious samples:

Micronic sample storage process

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