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Primary and Stem Cells

Primary and Stem CellsPrimary cell culture provides more biologically relevant data than that generated using cell lines. Concerns over the use of cell lines have resulted in a growing need for primary cells in a variety of applications from basic research to drug discovery. Often, primary cells are combined with newer technologies such as 3D cell culture given a recent surge within the research community to use better reagents to improve research.

But what are primary cells and how do they differ from cell lines? How can you optimize your primary cell culture or create more physiologically relevant models using primary cells in 3D? TALK TO AN EXPERT >

Lonza offers a comprehensive collection of cryopreserved and fresh primary cells supporting many research areas. All cells have been ethically sourced and authenticated by thorough QC testing. Our cryopreserved cells reduce the burden of self-isolations and QC which requires substantial expertise, infrastructure and access to the appropriate, ethically sourced donor tissue.

Researchers using fresh cells often face obstacles of unsuccessful isolations, comparing data with off-site groups, or comparing data over a long-term study due to the variability among the isolations. Lonza’s cryopreserved cells help overcome above challenges.