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Media and Reagents

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Cell Culture Media and Reagents include a number of different products, such as amino acids, antibiotics, and buffers, all of which are used routinely in research, and manufacturing applications to optimize and analyze cell cultures.

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  • DMEM – Available in high and low glucose formulations, aids in culturing a variety of mammalian cells
  • MEM – Also for mammalian cells, formulations are available with both Hank’s and Earle’s balanced salt solutions
  • RPMI – Mostly used with hematopoietic cells, various formulations for mammalian cell culture and mycological assays
  • IMDM – Widely used with rapidly growing cell types
  • Insect Media – Various formulations that aid in different types of research using insect cells

All Lonza Classical media is manufactured in cGMP and ISO certified production facilities.

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