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Serum-Free Media

Want to eliminate variability in your cell culture studies?Lonza - SF MEdia-01

  • Chemically defined to ensure consistent results
  • Eliminate variability introduced through use of FBS
  • Eliminate FBS-borne mycoplasma and virus contamination
  • Eliminate reliance on FBS availability and costly FBS

Time to wean your cells off FBS?

Serum-free media and reagents have a wide range of applications, including production of monoclonal antibodies, viral antigens, and recombinant proteins using a variety of mammalian and invertebrate cell lines.

Why serum free media?

  • Increased definition
  • Increase lot-to-lot consistency
  • Simplify purification and processing
  • Improved control of cell culture conditions
  • Optimize formulations for specific cell types
  • Elimination of contaminant interference
  • Improved reproducibility
  • Mostly used for suspension cultures for higher yield
Cat# Description Pack size
BE02-035F Amniochrome Pro 500ml QUOTE ME!
BE12-730F/12-730F Insect-EXPRESS with L-Glutamine 500ml QUOTE ME!

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