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Cell Culture Reagents

Cell Culture Reagents – Available from stock!

Cell Culture Media and Reagents include a number of different products, such as amino acids, antibiotics, and buffers, all of which are used routinely in research, and manufacturing applications to optimize and analyze cell cultures.

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Cat# Description Pack size
10-548E ACK Lysing Buffer (1x) 100ml QUOTE ME!
BE17-513F/17-513F DPBS (1X) with Ca++ Mg++ 500ml QUOTE ME!
BE17-512F/17-512F Dulbecco PBS (1x) without Ca++ Mg++ 500ml QUOTE ME!
17-518Z Gentamicin 50mg/ml (screw cap) 10ml QUOTE ME!
BE10-543F/10-543F Hank’s BSS without Ca++ Mg++ with phenol red 500ml QUOTE ME!
BE10-547F/10-547F Hank’s BSS without Ca++ Mg++ or phenol red 500ml QUOTE ME!
BE10-527F/10-527F Hank’s BSS without phenol red 500ml QUOTE ME!
BE17-737E/17-737E HEPES Buffer in normal saline 100ml QUOTE ME!
BE17-605E/17-605E L-Glutamine 200mM 100ml QUOTE ME!
17-829E Lymphocyte separation medium, density 1.077 100ml QUOTE ME!
BE13-114E/13-114E MEM Eagle non-essential amino acid solution 100ml QUOTE ME!
BE17-516F/17-516F PBS (1x) TC grade 500ml QUOTE ME!
BE17-516Q/17-516Q PBS (1x) TC grade 1L QUOTE ME!
BE17-517Q/17-517Q PBS (10x) TCgrade 1L QUOTE ME!
17-745E/17-745E Pen/Strep/Fungizone 100ml QUOTE ME!
DE17-602E/17-602E Penicillin/Streptomycin mixture 10Kunits/10Kug 100ml QUOTE ME!
17-942E Trypan Blue 0,4% 100ml QUOTE ME!
BE17-160E/17-160E Trypsin (10x) 2,5% in HBSS without Ca++ Mg++ 100ml QUOTE ME!
BE02-007E Trypsin/EDTA 10X 100ml QUOTE ME!
BE17-161E/17-161E Trypsin-Versene (EDTA) 100ml QUOTE ME!
BE17-724F/17-724F Water for cell culture 500ml QUOTE ME!