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3D Cell Culture – mimic the native environment of cells

RAFT 3D Cell Culture System is based on collagen type I and designed to closely mimic the native environment of cells.Lonza - RAFT 3D -2-01

  • Easy to use – RAFT 3D cell cultures can be created in less than an hour with simple protocols and standard lab ware!
  • Well-recognized – RAFT 3D System has been used with leading manufacturers’ products such as Freedom EVO® Liquid handling and Cytation 3.
  • Versatile applications – The robust nature of RAFT 3D cell cultures facilitates handling and multiple down-stream analytical applications.
  • Flexible formats – Create your 3D models in 96-well, 24-well plate or 24-well inserts! RAFT System can generate co-culture or barrier models with cells within or on top of collagen scaffold.

Watch a RAFT process animation

How Does RAFT System Work?
Cells are embedded in collagen I and RAFT Absorbers are utilized to condense and create well-controlled, high-density collagen scaffolds with cell type(s) of choice. This represents a natural, more in-vivo environment for cells to grow and interact more efficiently. 3D models in RAFT System can be created with one cell type or multiple cell types in parallel. Addition of cell culture inserts with permeable membrane enhances the versatility of the system by allowing the generation of barrier models including air-lift models. RAFT™ is a simple-to-use, semi-automated system that creates 3-dimensional cell cultures that are easy to handle.

RAFT 3D Cell Culture System

Cat # Description
016-1R10 RAFT 96-well Bundle Kit, contains (016-0R94 & 016-0R92) Quote me
016-1R24 RAFT 24-well Bundle Kit, contains (016-0R94 & 016-1R32) Quote me
016-1R25 RAFT 24-well insert bundle kit (016-0R94 & 016-1R33) Quote me
016-1R16 RAFT Small Kit, 12 rxns, reagent & 24-well plate absorbers Quote me
016-1R32 RAFT Absorbers for 24-well plate 48 qty Quote me
016-1R33 RAFT Insert Absorber for 24-well plate, 48 qty, for inserts Quote me
016-0R92 RAFT Plate Kit, 4 x 96-well clear plate and 4 x 96-well absorber Quote me
016-0R94 RAFT Reagent Kit for 3D culture Quote me


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