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Lonza – advancing research with biologically relevant solutions

Lonza offers a broad selection of research products and services for cell biology, molecular biology, drug discovery and applied research, such as:

Providing tools to life-science researchers to discover biological pathways and to develop and test therapeutics.

Lonza is an industry leader in electrophoresis technologies, cell-based research tools, and endotoxin detection. Delivering a complete range of reagents, equipment, consumables, software and services to meet our ever-changing needs.

Primary & Stem Cells

Cell Culture Products


Assay Solutions

Nucleic Acid & Protein Electrophoresis

Drug Discovery

Endotoxin DetectionWinKQCL5

Rapid Microbial Detection


Some of our primary brands include:

  • BioWhittaker™
  • Clonetics™
  • FlashGel™
  • MycoAlert™
  • NuSieve™
  • MetaPhor™
  • Nucleofection ™
  • PAGEr™
  • Poietics™
  • SeaKem™