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NextSeq 550 Sequencing System

Speed and simplicity for everyday genomics

The NextSeq 550 System brings the power of a high-throughput sequencing system to your benchtop. With tunable output and high data quality, it provides the flexible power you need for whole-genome, transcriptome, and targeted resequencing.


Highly Flexible to Fit Research Demands
Supports a broad range of sequencing applications and offers tunable read length with multiple output configurations

Fast Turnaround Time
Rapidly generate data for time-critical studies and accelerate research studies

Exceptional Data Accuracy
Highly accurate sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistry delivers high-quality results even in challenging homopolymer regions

Push-Button Operation and Easy Data Analysis
Walk-away DNA-to-data solution with streamlined informatics performed onsite or in the cloud

Illumina Scientific Support
Illumina scientists and engineers are there every step of the way, providing installation, training, applications, and data analysis support