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iSeq 100 Sequencing System

The smallest, most affordable Illumina sequencing system delivers fast and efficient lowthroughput sequencing for virtually any lab.

The iSeq 100 Sequencing System makes next-generation sequencing easier and more affordable than ever. Designed for simplicity, it allows labs of all sizes to sequence DNA and RNA at the push of a button. Discover more—without the cost.


Rapid Data Generation
Run smaller projects on a dedicated, low-throughput instrument with fast turnaround times

Convenient Library Quality and Proof-of-Principle Testing
Evaluate library quality before large runs, perform pilot studies, or generate grant submission data

Independent, Convenient Operations
Control the sequencing process from beginning to end and maintain an independent sequencing schedule instead of outsourcing

High Analytical Sensitivity and Exceptional Data Accuracy
Leverage higher analytical sensitivity for the detection of rare variants and transcripts compared to qPCR or Sanger sequencing