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TruGrade® DNA Oligos

Reduce barcode crosstalk in your multiplexed NGS experiments

Quality requirements for synthetic oligos used in next generation sequencing (NGS), such as indexed adapters and barcoded fusion primers, have reached unprecedented high levels. Traditional purification methods (e.g., HPLC) can effectively increase the amount of full-length oligo, but are incapable of reducing cross-contamination that can occur in co-synthesized oligos. In contrast to less sensitive applications where such oligo-to-oligo crosstalk can go unnoticed, the use of indexed adapters containing even low levels of cross-contamination can lead to barcode misalignment and sample misidentification, which may confound experiments requiring detection of rare variants.

TruGrade oligos are manufactured by proprietary methods that are proven to reduce index cross-talk and increase success of multiplex NGS experiments. With TruGrade oligos, you can:

  • Obtain DNA oligos with cross-contamination levels as low as 0.01%
  • Select from a variety of product options to suit your requirements
  • Experience the industry-leading quality and turnaround time for which IDT is known