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rhAmp™ SNP Genotyping System

Accurate, affordable genotyping with the next evolution of PCR

Improve the precision of your PCR-based SNP genotyping with rhAmp SNP Genotyping technology. This technology uses a unique two-enzyme system coupled with RNA-DNA hybrid primers to precisely interrogate target SNPs. Combined with IDT’s universal reporter chemistry, rhAmp SNP Genotyping offers a simple, high performance genotyping solution at an affordable price.

  • Generate the highest level of performance with greater than 99.5% call accuracy for over 90% of assays tested
  • Interrogate SNPs in difficult sequence regions with amplicon lengths as short as 40 bp
  • Validate markers affordably using the smallest pack size commercially available
  • Ensure confidence in your data with gBlocks® Gene Fragments as control templates

The rhAmp SNP portfolio includes all components needed to successfully generate high quality genotyping data on any commonly available real-time PCR instrument.


rhAmp SNP Assays
rhAmp SNP Assays offer a predesigned assay collection for 330,000 human SNPs, including a broad selection of functionally validated ADME SNP assays.

A custom assay design pipeline is also available for newly discovered human SNPs or assay designs of other species.

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rhAmp Genotyping Master Mix and Reporter Mixes
rhAmp Genotyping Master Mix and rhAmp Reporter Mixes are specially formulated for use with rhAmp SNP Assays to deliver superior specificity and signal generation.

Synthetic control templates are available during integrated ordering process.

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