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HTL OPTIPETTE pipette series


OPTIPETTE pipette series feature slim handle, high accuracy and precision rates combined with their tremendous robustness. Its design provides users with excellent ergonomics and safety.

  • 10 volume ranges from 0,1 – 10000 μl
  • Precise volume adjustment
  • Stainless steel tip ejector
  • Adjustable ejector height due to special spacers
  • Universal shafts
  • Colour coding for volume identification
  • Easy maintenance & recalibration
  • Multichannel version available (8 + 12)
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Lower parts autoclavable



Cat # Description Volume Range
5601-HTL Optipette – single channel 0.1-2ul QUOTE ME
5602-HTL Optipette – single channel 0.5-10ul QUOTE ME
5603-HTL Optipette – single channel 2-20ul QUOTE ME
5607-HTL Optipette – single channel 5-50ul QUOTE ME
5604-HTL Optipette – single channel 10-100ul QUOTE ME
5605-HTL Optipette – single channel 20-200ul QUOTE ME
5600-HTL Optipette – single channel 50-250ul QUOTE ME
5606-HTL Optipette – single channel 100-1000ul QUOTE ME
5608-HTL Optipette – single channel 500-5000ul QUOTE ME
5609-HTL Optipette – single channel 1000-10000ul QUOTE ME
5141-HTL Optipette – 8 channel 0.5-10ul QUOTE ME
5142-HTL Optipette – 8 channel 5-50ul QUOTE ME
5143-HTL Optipette – 8 channel 20-200ul QUOTE ME
5144-HTL Optipette – 8 channel 50-300ul QUOTE ME
5145-HTL Optipette – 12 channel 0.5-10ul QUOTE ME
5146-HTL Optipette – 12 channel 5-50ul QUOTE ME
5147-HTL Optipette – 12 channel 20-200ul QUOTE ME
5148-HTL Optipette – 12 channel 50-300ul QUOTE ME


7902-HTL Optipette 4 Pack Starter kit containing 4 pipettes QUOTE ME