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HTL DISCOVERY PRO pipette series


DISCOVERY PRO pipette series is uniquely dedicated to three key features: ergonomics, accuracy and precision. Lightweight construction, contour shape of the handle and finger-hook guarantee correct grip reducing wrist strain and fatigue (RSI). The tip ejection force is reduced by more than 30%, in comparison with traditional pipette construction.

  • 6 volume ranges from 0,1-1000 μl
  • 4-digits volume display
  • Volume locking mechanism
  • Quick, one-handed volume adjustment
  • Universal shafts
  • Colour coding for volume identification
  • Easy maintenance due to compact shaft assembly
  • User friendly recalibration system
  • Multichannel version available (8 + 12)
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Fully autoclavable



7903-HTL Discovery Pro 4 Pack Starter kit containing 4 pipettes QUOTE ME


Cat # Description Volume Range
6001-HTL Discovery Pro – single channel 0.1-2ul QUOTE ME
6002-HTL Discovery Pro – single channel 0.5-10ul QUOTE ME
6003-HTL Discovery Pro – single channel 2-20ul QUOTE ME
6004-HTL Discovery Pro – single channel 10-100ul QUOTE ME
6005-HTL Discovery Pro – single channel 20-200ul QUOTE ME
6006-HTL Discovery Pro – single channel 100-1000ul QUOTE ME
4951-HTL Discovery Pro – 8 channel 0.5-10ul QUOTE ME
4952-HTL Discovery Pro – 8 channel 5-50ul QUOTE ME
4953-HTL Discovery Pro – 8 channel 20-200ul QUOTE ME
4954-HTL Discovery Pro – 8 channel 50-300ul QUOTE ME
4955-HTL Discovery Pro – 12 channel 0.5-10ul QUOTE ME
4956-HTL Discovery Pro – 12 channel 5-50ul QUOTE ME
4957-HTL Discovery Pro – 12 channel 20-200ul QUOTE ME
4958-HTL Discovery Pro – 12 channel 50-300ul QUOTE ME