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NGSengine® – NGS HLA Typing Software

NGSengine® is your platform independent

softwareGendx - NGS-01 for NGS data analysis of HLA genes.

See what a fully integrated approach can do for you. In one single method you determine reference libraries, align reads, phase the sequence data and perform typing. NGSengine® is the perfect match for our new NGS-go® reagents, delivering complete allele separation and full gene coverage.

Optimized for NGS technologies, NGSengine® combines the latest technology with our trusted experience in HLA typing.

Your benefits

Save Time

  • High percentage of analysed reads
  • Automatic gene identification
  • Typing of heterozygous samples in one pass
  • Crucial position toggling
  • Easy handling of missing (intron) data

Improve Results

  • Clear quality statistics
  • Genotype references
  • Whole gene representation (exon and intron data)
  • Phasing visualization
  • Elegant InDel handling and representation

Easy Implementation

  • Platform independent
  • Optimized for Roche 454, Ion Torent, MiSeq
  • One button analysis
  • Runs on a PC and laptop

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