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NGS-go® reagents

Ready to go. Next Generation HLA amplification primers.Gendx - NGS go reagents-01

NGS-go® reagents are your perfect partner for Next Generation Sequencing HLA typing. Based on our renowned SBTexcellerator® reagents, NGS-go® reagents combine the latest technology with trusted experience.

Now you can amplify highly polymorphic HLA genes with confidence and analyse both alleles with your NGS technology of choice. The product line includes HLA Class I and HLA Class II typing kits, which are fully compatible with our powerful NGSengine® analysis software.

Your benefits

  • New 384 well workflow
  • Significantly reduces price per sample
  • Can be done in 96 well
  • Single PCR reaction
  • Covers all relevant exons and introns
  • 11 HLA loci available
  • Better typing efficiency
  • Platform agnostic
  • Can be automated

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