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RNA Collection Kits

RNA Collection Kits

An all-in-one system for collection, stabilization and transportation of high quality mRNA from saliva.

The Oragene•RNA (RE-100) vial collection kit has changed to a tube format which optimizes collection, transport and extraction. As such, the RE-100 vial format is no longer available for sale. The new Oragene•RNA mailable tube format is currently available and is designed to yield equivalent RNA results to the original RE-100 vial format.

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RNA collection kits


  • High quality total RNA
  • Non-invasive and easy-to-use self collection
  • Stable for months at room temperature
  • Increases compliance with painless sample collection
  • Lower collection costs with no phlebotomy required
  • Enables reliable self-collection


  • Human mRNA expression profiling
  • Developing “expression signatures” of disease