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DNA Collection Kits for Animals

DNA Collection Kits for Animals

Collect superior samples for animal genetics with a swab DNA collection kit

Reliable samples with a non-invasive, all-in-one system for the collection, stabilization and transportation of DNA.

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DNA Collection for animals

Collect superior samples for animal genetics

Genetic applications start with the collection of DNA samples. DNA Genotek collection kits offer ease of use and proven reliability across all collection environments – be it the barn, the field, the clinic or the home.

Sample collections are painless and non-invasive, ensuring optimal animal well-being. DNA Genotek’s collection kits provide high quality and high quantity DNA samples for easy and effective high throughput processing.

The collection kits have proven performance on a range of downstream applications including SNP genotyping, microarray and bio-banking. All collection kits include unique bar-coding for improved efficiency and easy traceability. Ambient temperature sample stability facilitates easy shipping and long term storage. DNA Genotek’s collection kits can be fully customized to operational workflow needs and market branding requirements.