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Collect superior samples for your genetic analysis

Collect superior samples for your genetic analysis

Easily and reliably collect high-quality DNA samples with an all-in-one system to collect, stabilize and transport DNA from saliva.

  • High quality, high quantity DNA
  • Equivalent to blood for DNA analysis
  • Easy and reliable self-collection
  • DNA is stable for months at ambient temperature
  • Optimized for both manual sample processing and automated workflows
  • Unique 1D barcode included
  • Suitable for targeted and whole genome sequencing


  • Increase recruitment and compliance with painless, non-invasive sample collection
  • Eliminate phlebotomy costs
  • Sample remains stable for months at room temperature, reducing transportation and storage costs
  • Sample can be mailed using the standard postal system
  • DNA from saliva is equivalent to DNA from blood for downstream applications
  • Sample traceability with unique 1D barcode

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