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CytoSMART Lux2 Duo kit

Live cell imaging for quality control

Live-cell imaging is a useful tool for monitoring the quality of cell cultures. A simple but effective set-up utilizing a high-quality camera allows researchers to evaluate cellular health at regular points in time. The CytoSMART Lux2 duo-kit is a compact and cost-effective method for carrying out this type of analysis, following the complete growth progression of mammalian cells.

The CytoSMART Lux2 Duo Kit is a compact automated system, specifically designed to operate from within CO2- incubators and hypoxia chambers. Two devices operate via a single laptop, saving precious lab space. Gathering real-time insight into the progression of cell growth is now completely non-invasive. Bright-field imaging is deployed to create real-time time-lapse videos, accessible remotely. Samples are also imaged under identical conditions, providing a robust platform for unambiguous comparison between cell culture variables, retaining data integrity.

Deploying this dual camera mini live cell imaging system is particularly useful in instances of stem cell research. The remote functionality of the CytoSMART cloud allows researchers to gain insight into the current confluence levels on their phone. This type of microscopy avoids over-growing of cultures or the loss of stemness in the cell-line, ensuring optimal yield. Your team can inspect the colonies that are formed by iPSCs and the morphology of MSCs without setting foot in the lab. Reducing the time spent in the lab will be crucial for many groups that try to continue research while complying to the social distancing rules



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