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Automated fluorescence microscopy inside your incubator

The CytoSMART Lux3 FL is a small fluorescence live-cell imaging microscope equipped with one brightfield and two fluorescent channels (green and red). The device enables researchers to unravel cellular processes in real-time, providing lots of valuable data about the experiments and answers if, when, how, and to what extend the cellular processes occur. CytoSMART’s first fluorescent cell imaging device allows users to track dynamic cellular processes with high specificity by taking high-quality images to create real-time time-lapse movies. Simultaneously, the cells are kept in a controlled environment inside a standard cell culture incubator.

The CytoSMART™ Lux3 FL:

  • Integrated image analysis of brightfield and fluorescence area or fluorescence object count.
  • Time lapse movies to investigate the development of cellular processes.
  • Improved research with expanded number of variables for analysis.
  • Full remote access: no need to enter the lab to inspect cell cultures.
  • Small, portable and easy-to-use device.

Quantification of real-time cellular events
Count the number of fluorescent cells over time

For certain experiments, in addition to monitoring cell cultures, it is also required to quantitatively evaluate the progression of cellular events. The CytoSMART Lux3 FL, equipped with a new Object Count algorithm, can automatically calculate the number of fluorescent objects in the image and investigate how this number changes over time. What’s more, the existing software interface has become even more intuitive, allowing users to quickly and easily adjust the parameters of an image.



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We are delighted to announce that, thanks to our loyal customers, the Lux3 FL has been nominated in the Best New Life Sciences Product of 2020 category!