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Biodrop DUO

Boost your micro-volume application capabilityBiodrop DUO

Biodrop DUO is the ideal solution for life scientists for whom flexibility of measurement is a key requirement.

All in one flexibility!

  • Never have to calibrate! The in-built sample port uses no moving parts providing outstanding measurement performance
  • Two ways to measure micro-volume samples: in-built sample port for micro-volume measurements and a cuvette holder
  • Extended capability for micro-volume measurement with the BioDrop CUVETTE 125 for highly concentrated samples
  • Fast operation – switch on and measure a DNA sample in <4 seconds with only 4 screen touches
  • Large, high-resolution, capacitive colour touchscreen on standalone instrument
  • The in-built sample port is easy to clean and maintain
  • USB connectivity for easy PC connection or data export
  • BioDrop Resolution Life Science PC software for powerful analysis

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 Biodrop Duo

  1. Boost your application capability: in-built sample port delivers an unrivalled dsDNA detection limit of 1 ng/µL
  2. Use with BioDrop CUVETTE 125 for extended micro-volume measurement range: up to 10,000 ng/µL
  3. Stand alone operation – with data transfer via USB and the option for built-in printer – or full PC control with our BioDrop Resolution software
  4. Work with pre-programmed methods for DNA, RNA, oligos and proteins – or create your own custom method