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So simple, you’ll wonder why no-one has done it beforeBiodrop

BioDrop is an innovative solution for accurate low volume spectroscopy, providing the simplest way for life scientists to accurately quantify microlitre volumes of DNA and protein in almost any UV / Vis spectrophotometer.

The BioDrop micro-volume cuvette overcomes many of the disadvantages of conventional low volume instruments and is a valuable tool for the modern life sciences laboratory combining ease of use and greater accuracy than other techniques.

Key Benefits

  • Exceptional measurement accuracy
  • Wide measurement range – no more changing path lengths
  • No time consuming dilutions required
  • Use only 1µl of precious samples
  • Robust design – withstand wear and tear of daily use
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Easy to check for sample impurities such as bubbles or dust
  • Compatible with most standard UV / Visible spectrophotometers

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How the unique BioDrop Cuvette works:

  1. Pull apart the two halves of the BioDrop CUVETTE.
  2. Pipette as little as 0.6 mL of your sample into the sample reservoir.
  3. Being magnetic, the top part positively locates into place.
  4. BioDrop is now ready to load into any standard UV/Vis spectrophotometer.