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WPA Biowave DNA – Life Science Spectrophotometer

A dedicated life science based instrument with stored routines for nucleic acid, protein and cell density measurements.Biochrom - WPA Biowave-01

Key Features

  • Split Beam (RBC) UV/Vis Spectrophotometer 190-900nm (5nm bandwidth)
  • Pre-programmed methods for DNA, RNA, proteins and cell density
  • Nucleic acid scans for purity checking (scan 220-330nm)
  • Low volume capability with 10µL min. quartz cells
  • Novel optics for high energy combined with a xenon source for long lamp lifetime and low running costs
  • Unique, integral cuvette tray for securely holding expensive cells and valuable samples
  • Wavelength scanning, kinetics and concentration functionality with full graphics display
  • Optional accessories include Export to PC software, built in printer or SD card Method/Data storage

Ordering Information

 80-3004-70  Biochrom WPA Biowave DNA  Quote me!
 80-3004-71  Biochrom WPA Biowave DNA with built in Thermal Printer  Quote me!
 80-3005-10  Biochrom WPA Biowave DNA with SD Card Accessory  Quote me!