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Digital Dry Bath

myBlock™ Digital Dry Bath

Benchmark’s myBlock series is a “next generation” product line that introduces several major advantages over traditional dry baths. They are the first digital dry baths to include advanced microprocessor controls, timed or continuous operation and a removable hinged lid. In addition, an optional external temperature feedback probe can be positioned directly inside a sample tube, providing real-time control and monitoring of actual sample temperature.

  • Digital temperature control (set and walk away)
  • Hinged lid (improves uniformity & conserves energy)
  • External (optional) temperature probe (measures actual sample temperature
  • Available with Quick-Flip universal blocks (supports all common tube sizes, PCR strips and PCR plates)



Cat # Description
BSH5001-1B-E myBlock I single chamber with 1 x BSWCMB QUOTE ME
BSH5002-2B-E myBlock II dual chamber with 2 x BSWCMB QUOTE ME
BSH5001-E myBlock I single chamber, without blocks QUOTE ME
BSH5002-E myBlock II dual chamber, without blocks QUOTE ME
BSWCMB Block, Quick-Flip, 24 x 1.5/2.0ml, 14 x 0.5ml, 6 x PCR strips / 48 x 0.2ml ( & in dual model only) one PCR plate QUOTE ME