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RNAscope HiPlex Assay

RNAscope HiPlex AssayIntroducing RNAscope® HiPlex assay to expand your in situ hybridization potential. Now allowing simultaneously detection of up to 12 different RNA targets per slide mounted sample. Higher plexing of up to 12 different RNA targets is enabled by employing cleavable fluorophores and iterative detection with the RNAscope® HiPlex 12 Reagents Kit.


RNAscope® HiPlex assay requires the reagent kit in conjunction with user specified target probes which contain a mixture of short oligonucleotides designed to bind to a specific target RNA. Each target probe must be assigned to a different probe tail/type (T1-T12). After a series of highly effective and specific signal amplifications, the signal is detected iteratively, where a single RNA transcripts for up to four target genes at a time is visualized as punctate dots in four distinct fluorescent channels. The assay uniquely employs the cleavable versions of fluorophores AF488, Atto550, Atto647 and AF750, the iterative process is to be repeated until all 12 targets are detected. The fluorophore cleaving procedure is rapid with minimal/no effect on RNA and tissue morphology and is independent from a probe stripping protocol. Images from various rounds can be merged together using RNAscope® HiPlex Image Registration Software.