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ACD Bio – RNA expression like you have never seen before

ACD Bio shortens the path to personalized medicine and enables research, drug development and clinical applications by unlocking the power of RNA. ACD is a leader in the emerging field of molecular pathology, developing cell- and tissue-based research and diagnostic tests for personalized medicine.

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Why use RNAscope ISH?

ACD has two product lines, namely RNAscope® and BaseScope™ consisting of assay reagent kits and 15,000+ off-the-shelf probes in addition to a Pharma Assay Services business which allow customers to run assays for their unique targets rapidly. Since its first launch in 2011, the technology boasts 1200+ citations, a new publication each day now, for single, duplex and multiplex RNA analysis.

Amplifies signal and simultaneously suppress noise

Detects single RNA molecules

Detects RNA within conserved tissue or cell morphology