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Low retention hydrophobic filter tips!

Low retention hydrophobic filter tips

Pipette every Last Drop with our NEW Low retention hydrophobic filter tips

  • Universal fit, leak proof fitment
  • Last Drop technology minimizes sample retention, saving on costly reagents.
  • DNase, RNase and Pyrogen free
  • Proprietary polyethylene super filter prevents aerosol and liquid by-pass
  • Hydrophobic filter that is additive free and does not absorb samples
  • Highly homogenous surface prevents non-specific binding
  • Sterile, racked, 960 tips
    (10 x 96)
Cat # Description
P11061 0.2-10μl (Graduated) QUOTE ME
P11063 0.2-10μl Extended (Graduated) QUOTE ME
P11065 2-20μl (Graduated) QUOTE ME
P11067 2-50μl (Graduated) QUOTE ME
P11069 2-100μl (Graduated) QUOTE ME
P11073 2-200μl (Graduated) QUOTE ME
P11075 2-300μl (Graduated) QUOTE ME
P11077 100 -1000μl QUOTE ME