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Posted on the October 11, 2013 under News

Whitehead Scientific appointed as DNA Genotek distribution partner in SA

DNA Genotek

Whitehead Scientific is pleased to join forces with DNA Genotek, a leading innovator of sample collection solutions that optimise ease of collection and provide superior samples for nucleic acid testing.

The collection of high-quality nucleic acid samples is key for genetic research and testing. One of the most accessible sources of DNA/RNA comes from saliva, making it an easy, non-invasive method to collect genetic samples in the field, by mail or in the clinic.

Oragene saliva self-collections kits:

  • Provide painless, non-invasive collection of high-quality, high-quantity DNA or RNA
  • Eliminate phlebotomy costs
  • Are ideal for use with children or patients that will not comply with blood collections
  • DNA is stable for years at room temperature and can be sent by regular mail
  • DNA from saliva is equivalent to DNA from blood for downstream applications
  • Reduce transport and storage costs

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DNA Collection kits